Abaddon's End's music and Live show changes peoples lives, a must see Band” - Shaking the Rafters with Michelle

Abaddon's End


Kyle Alt (drums) and Steve Sugden (Bass) started Abaddon's End 6 Years ago after playing in multiple bands for the past 30 years. After years of development and growth the band had replaced vocals and guitars with Adam (Bach) Liebersbach (vocals) Tim Shleton (Guitar) in December of 2022. The band has hit the ground running writing 15 songs in 7 months and playing a full set list after 4 months of rehearsals. Abaddon's End has many different influences that created their own sound, ultimately we want to make music you can feel. 

Absent in Adolescence Bio -
"This song is meant to capture what it feels like when you lose someone as a young person that you look up to as a role model. The void it can create in your life, and how you can ultimately find strength and gratitude within that pain as you grow and shape your own future. I hope this song can be an inspiration to many that have gone through or are currently going through the same thing. And a deterrent to anyone that may make this mistake as an Adult."  (Bach)

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