Curtain Call Records is a record label that aligns the artists with their fans, allowing the artists to reach their full potential in this ever changing musical landscape.

Curtain Call Records believes in hard work and developing one on one interaction with each and every fan.

Curtain Call Records has a full marketing and promotional department which allows the artists the very best hands on approach to success of each project.

Curtain Call Records is distributed through The Orchard/Sony.

Gigi Ghibon- Elhenawy CEO Curtain Call Records

Gigi Ghibon- Elhenawy CEO Curtain Call Records

Cel Quintero Curtain Call Records Mexico and South America

Cel joined Curtain Call Records in 2018. Residing in Mexico City, she has been at the forefront of expanding Curtain throughout North, Central and South America. Cel is the director of Rock Radio Promotion for the label. With years of experience working with international touring bands, in studio and on air, Cel has a wealth of experience is radio promotions, on air and festival coverage, as well as A&R. 

TJ Calhoun - Radio Promotions

TJ Calhoun is the newest edition to the Curtain Call Records Radio Promotions team ! TJ is the creator of The Epic Show which is carried on over 9 stations, including Rock Rage Radio. 

Matthew Nevitt - Engineer / Producer

Matthew Nevitt is the Owner / Engineer / Producer at INKEI Studios and Singer/ Songwriter at Emperors&Angels. Matthew is in charge production for Curtain Call Records artists. 

Past: Message From Sylvia and Official DoryDrive