Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock” - Jamsphere Magazine

Frank Palangi

Since the COVID pandemic hit making things hard for musicians and Frank's attitude and determination didn't change the idea of his mission statement. "Growing up with the early Youtube days and the rise of social platforms, it changed the field of how to get music out there and I took the online approach harder and continues to do online shows. I know things take longer than expect, it just means you have believe & have faith more not to back down so quick." The big choke in the music business is that you think you'll become an over night success fast, that's not the case. Frank with having an admirable stubbornness tenacity to keep progressing knows it's relentless work and expecting rejection.

"Palangi’s positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with his fans. " — Guitar World.

Palangi's dedication & determination, steadily grew with online show support on internet broadcasts & opening in the north east with national artists such as 3 Doors Down, Red Sun Rising, Buckcherry, Candlebox, Aaron Lewis (Staind), Starset, Kip Winger, Jack Russell's Great White, Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), FUEL / Marcy Playground, TRAPT with Smile Empty Soul / Candlelight Red / Veer Union, Powerman 5000 with HEDPE, Stars Go Dim, Young Guns, HURT, Jess Malin (D-Generation), and indie acts Moriah Formica (The Voice), Madison Vendenburg (American Idol) IM5, Spiritual Rez, Prospect Hill, Bad Axis, Hindenberg, Sirsy, Deluka, Silversyde along with winning slots in Upstate NY with the Rocknderby Festival featuring Megedeth, Shinedown, Dokken, Like A Storm, Coheed and Cambria and The Uproar Festival featuring Alice in Chains/Jane’s Addiction.

Through the years, Frank has received Best In the Region for local Glens Falls and Albany NY areas & national unsigned only competition finals, radio artist of the year (radio wigwam) & a LA Music Award single Nomination. Releasing side singles Hope, a few cover songs and a total of 5 EP's . 
With over 20 years of playing and writing music, Frank's debut was in 2011 "Frank Palangi EP", and since then he has had the good fortune musically to work with industry producers Rogers Masson, Rob Coates, Brain Craddock & mastering engineers Brad Blackwood, Gavin Lurssen, Robert Venables & band/touring members in the studio from Daughtry (Brandon Maclin), Pillar (Noah Henson/Lester Estelle (Kelly Clarkson drummer), Day Of Fire (Josh Brown, Joe & Chris Pangallo, Zac Simms), former Saving Abel / 12 Stones (Michael McManus), Courtney Love & former Trapt / Theory of A Deadman / Daughtry (Robin Diaz), American Idol (Riley Bria) to lend their influences.

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